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Here at Gateway, we see the value in having a diverse team. Females make GREAT financial advisors; truly, some of the most successful. Through valuing independence and time, home-work balance, connecting, and understanding, we continue to build our mission centered around partnership and service.

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The Fearless Girl represents the need for gender diversity in corporate spaces. Standing tall in front of Wall Street’s Charging Bull, she calls attention to the glass ceiling regarding promotion of women in the Wall Street community. Gateway believes in and advocates for the strength and significance of females in finance, and vows to invest in the values, goals, and dreams of these leaders. 

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Bailey Sutherland

Chief Growth Officer

Ana Camara

Director of Advisor Success

Some Thoughts from Our Advisors


“I am a very competitive person. I've played sports nearly all of my life. BUT, I hated the 'who can bring in the most money this month' or 'who can sell the most insurance policies this month'. I feel like that puts unnecessary pressure on advisors to just make a sale, get the clients' money. I'm so about relationships and refuse to sell something someone doesn't need.”


“I have done more marketing and advertising in the last 7 months with Gateway Financial Partners than I did in nearly 2 years with EJ. And that's because they give us the freedom to CREATE! I love that!"


“When it comes to women in finance - I strongly believe we are planners and caregivers. That spills over into our work. Women tend to want to help everyone for the betterment of THEM, not us. I love meeting new people, talking about them, their lives, their kids, their pets, and their goals. Being able to genuinely listen to clients and immediately be invested in them as human beings. I feel that Gateway Financial Partners supports that and lets us be the type of advisor we want to be.”


“I have never once been made to feel like 'I should know that' when I ask a question. Gateway Financial Partners has been incredibly supportive of me and where I am on my career path, which is a newbie. There is a lot to learn and it's always changing. I'm so thankful for that kind of unbiased, nonjudgmental support.”

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