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Gateway Financial Partners Welcomes BACK Two Successful Financial Advisors, Showcasing a Unique Career Journey and Elevated Service Offerings

Gateway Financial Partners proudly announces the return of Charles Fetters and Andrea Wolfe, marking a rare career move in the financial advisory landscape. Chuck and Andrea have been a successful team for many years, and utilized Gateway’s service offerings in years past. Their decision to return after 10 years away exemplifies the unparalleled support and resources offered by the team at Gateway Financial Partners.

Chuck and Andrea’s journey back to Gateway Financial Partners reflects a unique scenario in the industry, one we don’t see often. After exploring other opportunities and building out their own successful practices, they recognized the extensive resources and support available at Gateway Financial Partners, which they realized were not available elsewhere.

“We’re thrilled to have Chuck and Andrea back with us,” said David Wood, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Gateway. “Their return demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional support to our advisors, helping to ensure they have the resources they need to grow and elevate their independent practices.”

With their return, Chuck and Andrea bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, further strengthening Gateway Financial Partners’ national team. Their decision reaffirms Gateway Financial Partners’ position as a leading provider of support and resources for financial advisors seeking guided independence and growth.

“As the Financial Industry has continued to evolve, it became abundantly clear that Andrea and I needed to modify our practice, “said Fetters in regard to the move. “Simply stated, Gateway Financial Partners is a long-time leader within our industry. Their client focused approach is extremely rare, yet, absolutely parallels our own vision of how things should be when serving others. Andrea and I are both extremely happy to be back”.

Gateway Financial Partners continues to empower financial advisors and enhance client experience through comprehensive services and unwavering support. Chuck and Andrea’s return highlights the firm’s dedication to its advisors’ success and the quality of its offerings.

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