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Our Leadership Team

Jill Batley

President & Chief Compliance Officer

David Wood

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Eric Hall

Chief Executive Officer


Getting It Done

Bailey Sutherland

Chief Growth Officer

Ana Camara

Director of Operations

John Johnson

Chief Strategy Officer

Kristyn Alexson

Director of Premier Advisor Support

Todd Kuen

Director of Technology, Training and Support

Sue Walsh

Senior Business Analyst

Matthew Grohocki

APMA®, CFS® - Director of PWS

Alana Williams

Director of Virtual Support

Rebecca Mello

Operations Specialist

Sam Gilmour

Operations Specialist

Tricia Hoffman

Operations Specialist

Nancy Parker

Operations Specialist

SJ Whittemore

Operations Specialist

Morgan Wood

Operations Specialist

Joel W. Milam

LPL Licensed Administrative Assistant


Furnancial Advisor


Chief Barketing Manager


Office Mutterials Associate


Making It Happen

Sydney Hebert

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Michael Kitzman

Director of Talent Acquisition

Faith Zeller

Director of Digital Strategy

Chris Magnifico

Chief Marketing Officer

Silvi Weatherill

Chief Experience Officer

Jessica Irizarry

Director of Social media

Wiktoria Gorzelewska

Graphic Designer

Victoria Calvaruso

Director of First Impressions

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